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Rob Dean
pic: Dan Milner for The North Face®
Rob Dean - Endurance Mountain Bike Rider

Rob has been a passionate cyclist for many years, both on and off road. A love of long days out in the hills and an ambition to always go a little bit further and a little bit faster, inevitably, led Rob to solo endurance racing. His first endurance challenge was the South Downs Way, followed swiftly by the infamous ‘South Downs Double’ - Rob set the second fastest recorded time on his first attempt and went on to set a new record for fastest singlespeed ride. In competition Rob has quickly established himself as one of the UK’s top endurance mountain bike racers, with both 24-hour and 12-hour solo race wins under his belt.

"I’ve always loved long bike rides, when you’ve spent a day in the saddle exploring new tracks and trails over miles and miles of countryside you can really appreciate why we call it the great outdoors! I find the physical challenge of mountain biking very rewarding - I‘m continually asking myself ‘what‘s next?’ and pushing just a little bit harder - but most importantly, even after 24 hours on the bike in atrocious conditions, I always come home with a smile on my face."

When not on his bike, Rob is a Mechanical Engineer for the prestigious Ricardo Consulting Engineers. He and his team design and develop engines for cars, trains, buses and ships, focussing on reliability and efficiency with the benefit of reduced CO2 production. Having a keen interest in environmental protection, Rob has used his skills and experience in recent years to work on a range of clean energy projects where possible.

Rob at home, riding on the South Downs Way
pic: Rory Hitchens
202miles and 25'400ft of climbing later and still smiling!
pic: Neil Newall

Rob's Story:
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