Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Toy For Winter: SP PD-8X QR15 Dynamo Hub

SP's latest QR15 Dynamo Hub
I must confess to being a long time convert to dynamo lights when combined with modern LED technology. But not just for touring and commuting, actually for mountain biking, proper mountain biking, on technical trails. The latest lights & hubs allow you to run discs and have more light for longer, without worrying about recharging between rides, burntimes or fiddling around in winter gloves to turn the light down.

There is one obvious problem though: Modern MTBs are moving rapidly to QR15 forks and at 6"4' I like the extra stiffness that these forks provide. I need worry no more. Just a couple of weeks before the clocks change and my long rides home are in complete darkness, I now have a QR15 dynamo, the latest offering from the clever guys at Shutter Precision, from the ever helpful guys at Intelligent Design Cycles.

Now time to start wheel building. Bring on the changing of the clocks!