Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Glorious Little Bikepacking Adventure To Austria & Back Along The Isar

Last week some friends joined me in Munich for their first bikepacking adventure. They left tired, full of BBQ and beer and exhausted from fab 3 days from Munich across the the Baravrian Alps, a dart into Austria overnight beforea 2 day loop back home again with some more wild camping an 900m climb in 29 degree heat (followed by a spectacular 900m descent), a couple of crashes, a mountain top dinner at the Hutte at the summit of Brauneck, topped of by a huge grin on all of our faces and a celebratory beer and BBQ supper with friends upon our return.

That's more than enough words, we had an amazing time, some tough moments and went through some incredible scenery. We also took a lot of photos, so I'll let them do the talking. Here's our bikepacking photo diary:

Review: Dosun U1 Dynamo Headlight

At the start of the winter, the lovely folks at IDC gave me a Dosun U1 Dynamo headlight to put to the test as I battled to work through whatever weather the winter chose to throw at me during the dark morning and evening commutes that winter brings.

I'm an enthusiastic advocate of dynamo lights, but not all lights are equal, by a long way, and there are some terrible products out there too. Several years ago I was unhappy with what was available buy and so I made my own lights (which got nicknamed the Deanamo by my friends), I have happily used a light from K-Lite and have now settled on the Exposure Revo, both of which are head and shoulders above anything else I have ever come across, so I was a little apprehensive going back to "just" a normal light.