Saturday, 25 May 2013

Highball Aluminium - A Bike For Riding

I am very lucky to have a few very nice Santa Cruz bikes, a Tallboy Carbon and a Highball Carbon for race days, a super light Highball Carbon as a singlespeed, and my favourite race bike of all time, The General Lee, my resplendent orange Tallboy Carbon.

However, superlight carbon race exotica isn't always what's needed, and a move to Munich and the Alps on my doorstep made me hanker after a "normal" bike; wide bars, shorter stem, big discs, a bigger fork, something I could hurl down the side of a mountain without worrying about shaving the last gram racing back up the other side. And then Santa Cruz brought out the Highball in Aluminium. I didn't hesitate to place my order, only this time "only" in a compact and whippy (for me) XL not my normal XXL, this was going to be a real trail bike and I couldn't wait......