Sunday, 21 April 2013

Commuting to Work - Bavarian Style

not a bad ride, but a glorious commute
I've lived in Germany a few weeks now, and as well as already developing a taste for the local food (Weißbier & Wurst, what's not to like?!), I'm getting settled in and have been exploring the trails in my new back yard. Conveniently for me, the woods start less than 1km from my front door (that's half a mile in English), even closer than back in the UK, I've begun sniffing out some lovely stretches of singletrack and have even found an old quarry to play in, about 4miles from home, that the local riders have started to work on by the looks of things.

My commute to work is a pretty nice way to start the day too. However, this week, my working week starts with an early Monday morning meeting in Jenbach, Austria, meaning my normal commute around the green outskirts of Munich and up the banks of the River Isar can't happen. Faced with an early morning dash on the Autobahn (blurrgghhhh....) or a train journey on the lovely, but crowded, commuter train, I was left with only one option: Cycle to 100miles to the office.