Thursday, 14 February 2013

All Change for 2013 - Ich werde in München wohnen!

After a 2012 full of very big rides indeed, 2013 sees me going down a very different road indeed. I will still be riding my bike a long way and a lot, I will still be riding Santa Cruz bikes, but ....... I will be doing it in Munich!

But why? Well, I have had an offer of an amazing job, but I do love my bikes and the opportunity to live a few km from riding in the Alps, as well as living in one of the nicest cities in Europe, was just too good to pass up. For those of you in any doubt, just look at this view of the city centre and its backdrop:
Munich and the Alps, not a bad back yard at all
Apart from my local trails taking quite a different shape, not much else has changed but, as well as the forests to the South of the city, which start less than a mile from our new house, there's hopefully a lot of opportunity for adventure in them there hills :-)