Saturday, 24 November 2012

Kendal Mountain Festival - A Night Out at Santacruz Bikes' Bike Night

Last weekend I was extremely honoured to be asked to talk about my adventures on two wheels at Kendal Mountain Festival's Bike Night. To have the opportunity to share what I love doing and talk about the things that I have done that bring a smile to my face was fantastic. However, I'm a cyclist (and sometime engineer), not a public speaker, so it was also extremely terrifying!

It turned into a great night out, and I was honoured to join some people on stage who were both amazing and lovely at the same time, including none other than Chriss Akrigg, Alex Rankin and Ed Oxley
The microphone looked a lot, lot scarier from the other side!

Once the fear had subsided in my first minute on stage, I was able to share some highlights and lowlights of an amazing ride in the Dolomites 9that happily came with some great pictures), where things had been a lot tougher than we expected plus my epic, brutal and, at times, emotional 10-day experience of the EWE bikepacking race as well as a ride that started and finished from my own front door that still makes me smile.

It wasn't hard to talk enthusiastically about this!

One the sunshine was done, I shared the emotional rollercoaster that was my 10 days of bikepacking racing at the England Wales England 2012, possibly the ride of which I'm most proud
800miles is a long way, off road, in the rain, carrying everything!
Finally, I was able to spend 2mins, before my time ran out, sharing an adventure in my own back yard, all that's right with the branch of the sport is shown by the inversion below the ridge we'd camped on that was illuminated by sunrise as I made the morning coffee. Splendid.
What's not to like about this scene?

Once I was done, and everyone had a cup of tea or a beer to wake themselves up, Chiss Akrigg took to the stage to blow us all away with his latest movie, and his post crash comeback;  "Through The Mill". Stunning. It was great to meet him.

I'm not sure I've got a glittering career in public speaking ahead of me, but it was, undoubtedly, a great night out and it was really interesting to not just see some movies, but to learn more about other branches of cycling, and what makes people get up (and back up in Chris' case) and do them. I'm definitely putting it in my diary for next year.

All that's left is to say a huge thank you to Santacruz for putting on a great night and the KMF for making it all possible in the first place.

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