Saturday, 24 November 2012

Kendal Mountain Festival - A Night Out at Santacruz Bikes' Bike Night

Last weekend I was extremely honoured to be asked to talk about my adventures on two wheels at Kendal Mountain Festival's Bike Night. To have the opportunity to share what I love doing and talk about the things that I have done that bring a smile to my face was fantastic. However, I'm a cyclist (and sometime engineer), not a public speaker, so it was also extremely terrifying!

It turned into a great night out, and I was honoured to join some people on stage who were both amazing and lovely at the same time, including none other than Chriss Akrigg, Alex Rankin and Ed Oxley
The microphone looked a lot, lot scarier from the other side!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

New Bike In The House & It's Not Mine - Santacruz Highball 29er Hardtail in Size Small

Grace's Shiny New Highball 29er
Earlier in the year Grace got her first 29er, a lovely black and green Superlight 29er. It was such a success, she would go on to become only the second woman to complete the 202 miles and 25'700ft of climbing of the South Downs Double. A challenge that has a success rate of <30% of the men who have started it in recent years. If you want to read more about her epic ride, you can find it all on BikeMagic here, or Cyclist No.1 here. If you want to read about a lovely little 29er hardtail, well, read on.

Having gone 29er, it was just a matter of time before the, now abandoned, hardtail went that way too. Inevitably a lovely white and green Santacruz Highball Alloy frame, in size small, dropped through the letterbox thanks to the lovely guys at Suntacruz UK, much to everyone's great excitement....