Sunday, 14 October 2012

BearBones 200 - More Bikepacking to Finish 2012

BB200 Route: Click to make it bigger
Almost like it's designed to take in all the biggest hills!
This year I've found myself doing a lot more bikepacking, so it's no surprise I was looking forward to the Bare Bones 200, held in an area that contains some of my favourite riding in the UK, and through one of the sections I enjoyed the most in my earlier EWE adventure.

My race preparation hadn't been ideal: An 7-day work trip to South Korea, followed by a 9-day work trip to Austria, rounded off with a birthday trip to Munich's Oktoberfest, all finished off with a violent (and certainly self inflicted) case of gastroentiritis. No matter, a few cups of coffee on my return home got me and my kit to a cheap night in a Travel Lodge near the Welsh border and a breakfast of RedBull got me to the start line raring to go.

This was never going to be my strongest ride, but I was determined to enjoy myself and, riding through the sub-zero overnight temperatures I found some great company and finished with a huge smile on my face, earning myself a coveted "Black Badge" in the process.

And here's how it all went......