Friday, 13 July 2012

England-Wales-England (EWE) is GO!

As I type this, final preparations are underway for the 1300miles of the England-Wales-England, or EWE, a self supported, bikepacking race through a selection of the best singletrack of all the national parks in England and Wales (and England again), starting at 8am on Sunday 15th July. As you read this I am, hopefully, pedalling my way through the race.

You can follow the progress of all the riders in the race live, through a dedicated trackleaders webpage, linked through the image and text on the right. We all have Spot satellite trackers and every 10minutes a shiny new dot will appear, along with a whole bunch of possible analysis, should you so wish. A big thanks to trackleaders for offering their support for this race.

If that's all a bit much, and you just want to see where I am, the link on the right will take you to my own spot tracker page and let you see where I am and a breadcrumb trail of my recent progress.
Finally, a huge thank you and congratulations to Aidan Harding for making this all happen and giving the UK a huge, super tough, multi-day bikepacking race all of its own. Now, I just hope the rain stays away!

And here we all are, live, on the course map:

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