Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mayhem Done

My disappointingly accurate vision

Well, that was even muddier and nastier than I had dared to foresee when I set off on Friday morning. Mountain Mayhem 2012 was surely the muddiest ever.

the course on Sunday morning :-(
or should that be Sunday mourning? (sic)

Luckily I got to spend the weekend working as pit crew and riding with the Santa Cruz Bikes team, a role which lasted about as long as our enthusiasm for destroying our bikes whilst pushing them across a grassy field. OK, so it wasn't that bad and there were some great bits, but it sure felt like it at times on the lap!

A big thank you to Jungle and Santa Cruz for keeping me warm dry and full of BBQ & beer and a massive well done to those hardy soles who finished.

I also saw, first hand, the responsibility placed on the pit crew, as I kept my soloist, Grace, going through the 24hrs with bottles, food, race position updates, pep talks and a sparkly clean bike every lap. I was knackered by the end and I only rode 1lap!

I learned 2 important lessons, that I shall carry with me at all times:

  1. Be even more grateful for the amazing support I receive in the pits at races
  2. Enter Mayhem in a team again the next time it rains! 
The muddy carnage wasn't confined to bikes and the course. Getting home on Sunday involved a tractor for many people, we were lucky to get away with a helpful push. The main arena also did a very good impression of a mud pit:
Even watching the race was a battle to stay upright and ended up
in one getting caked in mud from head to toe!
And this is how my bike looked when I got home....
....I could stand on the cranks and they wouldn't even turn!

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  1. It really is high time this venue was changed. It's never a good course when wet and in fairness it never seems dry!