Tuesday, 12 June 2012

2 Tall Boys On 2 Tallboys go to BristolBikeFest 2012

Saturday saw me pair up with Santa Cruz & The North Face team mate Josh Ibbett, under the apt team name (of which we are very proud) "2 Tall Boys on 2 Tallboys".

2 Tall Boys on 2 Tallboys...... and also on the podium :-)
All smiles at BristolBikeFest for Josh and I after a hard day's racing
After the mayhem of the first lap we were in 5th place, but we knew we'd come through strongly in the closing stages of what would prove to be a tough, and incredibly close, race, with just 13 minutes separating the first four places we'd climbed to third by the time 12hrs was up. Unfortunately for Josh, I'd recently been ill, so wasn't quite firing on all cylinders, luckily for me Josh was on good form and put in consistent laptimes. With Tom from USE helping us in the pits, giving me a kick between laps, firing me up to wring everything out of my legs and make sure I did enough to hold our position in the field and keep the lap times down, ignoring my screaming legs, before turning his attention Josh, who went out on the attack!

Lots of fun, but I don't feel this conveys quite
how loudly my legs were screaming at me,
but I assure you there were... and how!

After pushing hard all day, we eventually came through to 3rd place in the final hours and the podium spot we'd set out to bag when we left Brighton the day before. My 2012 season is finally up and running!  

After a week of rain, we were equally pleased to have had a dry race, I even picked up a gentle tan line on my leg much to my great surprise, having arrived in Somme-like conditions the evening before the race.

Bristol is always good fun with a singletrack rich course and, with speedy XC racers turning up as well as endurance specialists, the field is always tough and super competitive, despite the large amounts of fun and friendliness that the event exudes, which is why I'll be back at BristolBikeFest next year and hopefully for many years to come :-)

Josh, piling on the hurt as he flies around another lap!
Oh, and you can read all about Josh's day on his blog HERE too, enjoy!

We got a little medal as a memento for our efforts too:

Josh also went out for a lap with his camera attached and made a nice little video of the course, which you can see here:

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