Friday, 13 April 2012

24hrs Of Exposure 2012 - Not The Start To The Season I "Knee"-ded

In the same event last year, I set out to secure a steady ride to set my season off in the right direction. This year I had slightly grander plans after what I hoped had been a really good winter for me where I have remained free of injury or illness and kept the miles ticking over regularly. Starting with the 2nd seed board and with Santa Cruz & The North Face stablemate Josh Ibbett alongside me on the start line billed as 4th seed, and with several of the usual suspects opting for the 12hr event, I was hoping for a strong ride to launch this year with a bang. 
24hrs Of Exposure 2012 - I had a lot of fun while it lasted
Pic: Joolze Dymond
Unfortunately, my knee let me down. It's off to Active Physio Clinics for me to get myself up and running again. No permanent damage done thankfully, and after a bit of moaning about a sore knee and a touch of physiotherapy magic (and tape!) I'll be back on the bike in no time. Just a whole bunch of frustration, disappointment and a feeling of having let down sponsors, friends and family who have been amazingly supportive to me over the winter to deal with. I guess there's always next year..... And now, onto the next race :-)
Having fun in Newcastleton on the new bike
Pic: Joolze Dymond
Here's how my whole weekend went:

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2012 Race Bike #1 - Santa Cruz Tallboy "The General Levi"

Everyone that knows me, knows I don't just love riding my bike, I particularly love riding my XXL Orange Santa Cruz Tallboy, nicknamed the "General Lee" by my friends. So, when it was inevitably time to move over to the 2012 bike and it was no longer available in orange, the new bike was always going to have a lot to live up to. It was with this in mind that the new bike (another XXL Tallboy - accept no substitute!) was, very carefully, built up by me.

Monday, 2 April 2012

2012 Race Bike #2 - Santa Cruz Highball

I've been riding my Santa Cruz Highball for a while now and I'm consistently delighted with how a bike that's so out and out fast is also so capable on the technical too. For 2012 I've spruced the bike up a little to save a teeny bit of weight, but mainly to try and wring the last little ounce of speed out if the bike. 

All the changes happen up front; namely controls & forks: