Saturday, 17 March 2012

Winter Reminded Me: It's Not Spring Yet

A bit nasty out
Down South, in sunny Brighton, you could have been forgiven for believing Spring had come early for the last week or so, last weekend there was a definite feeling of "spring is in the air", with bright blue skies and an abundance of shorts and a dearth of jackets out on the trails. That is, until today. With just a few days of winter remaining, the season reared its head and reminded me that it was definitely not spring yet.

It was a great day to be out. I had the trails all to myself and the thick mist made for a very peaceful, isolated feeling; much needed after a hectic week. Still, there's only so much fun to be had riding 100km through muddy trails in the wind and rain. Scrub that, who am I kidding, I had a great day! In fact I've pencilled in the same tomorrow, but heading out in another direction.
Fantastic swoopy trails dropping through the trees, extra exciting when covered in a layer of greasy mud
and with every corner or drop scattered with wet roots. It's not all SDW around here!

There's not much more to say about the ride, although the waeather did lend the day a certain feeling of "epicness", but you don't see a lot when the view is a bit like this, even when up on top of a wind swept Chanctonbury Ring:
Lots of mist on Chanctonbury Ring, but I didn't see any gorillas
Luckily for me it was a bit warmer once I got into the woods later on in the day and started sliding my way around the singletrack
I didn't help the fast summer tyres live up to their name in the mud,
still, it made the singletrack a blast and more than a little exciting!
My drivetrain thought even less of the conditions than my mildly inappropriate tyres:
This was clean when I started my ride :-(
This looked a lot steeper, rootier & much more slipper at the time. I definitely was NOT in control dropping down and swooping around, but I did smile all the way :-)
Left, drop, swoop right drop left, & then grin like a small child. Repeat.
And this is what my day looks like on Google Earth:

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