Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spring Is In The Air

Smiles & sunshine all
round, all day
What a fabulous day! I had originally planned a bit of a shakedown ride for my new USE finishing kit and then a late morning trip on the North Downs (a rare excursion for me), but with a positively balmy weather forecast I rolled both of these together and rode up to the Peaslake in the heart of the North Downs Surrey Hills, where I was to meet my riding buddies for the day (I was joined on the North Downs by Stilettos on Wheels organiser, Irene Lachner & SITS winner "Competitive Grace") and jump in the car on the way back. It was such a lovely day I poo-pooed that idea and rode back home again. 90miles done, 7:30 ride time, 6500calories burned (although I did my very best to replace them at lunch!). Smiles all round :-)

Here are a few moments from the day I managed capture for posterity:

We stopped, briefly, at the top of Holmbury Hill for a breather. When we realised none of us had any food, we soon started riding again
View from Holmbury Hill: I started the day from over there, behind those hills!
Here's a ride in the woods I did earlier
Not the most efficient route in the world, but plenty of fun to be had riding from Peaslake
Lunch came from Peaslake Village Stores, who more than ably support the waistline of many a Surrey Hill cyclist and was well worth the ride in itself.......
Pie AND cake, a properly balanced diet? Possibly not what Jaroslav Kulhavy had for his lunch. Oops!
Yum! Calories definitely spent and then spent again, so I don't feel too guilty!
And here's why I rode to and from my ride, my Highball was kitted out for 2012 with the new USE Atom flat and wide (very wide!) bars, currently still at the full 710mm width, which I think I like after today's excursion and attached to the bike capably by a matching USE stem.
Those bars are wide enough to block the hallway as efficiently as it appears
Saddle angle needed double checking as my, pleasingly colour coordinating, saddle is now being kept in the air by a new USE Sumo carbon seatpost

Hopefully that's a day's riding I can repeat several times over the summer. Who knows, one day I might even learn my way around those Surrey Hills trails properly.

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