Saturday, 24 March 2012

Reynolds Wheels - Welcome Aboard

Shiny new Reynolds 29er Wheels
I am absolutely thrilled to announce that, for 2012, I will be supported by Reynolds, well established makers of super fast, stiff carbon wheels. I'll be riding their new 29er XC carbon disc wheelset throughout the year. 

The wheels have just arrived and came supplied with a full array of adaptors for front and rear hub standards, as well as some snazzy looking quick release skewers for "normal" frames & forks. Even betrer than this, they have a tubeless style rim form and in the same bag was a roll of tubeless rim tape and two, extra long (for the deep rims) tubeless valves. Top marks for attention to detail. Thank you Reynolds :-)

I've not ridden them yet, so can't comment on how they feel out on the trail, I'm hoping the extra stiffness will translate to extra control and, in turn, an extra gear of speed (if I believe the reviews). However, until I've given them a thrashing, the jury's out.

Reynolds, masters of carbon wheels
This, this is short and sweet as I'm off to ride my new wheels ASAP! Having never had wheels quite as posh before and despite my great excitement, for the first time ever I slowed town to take the time to align my valves with my tyre logos. We will see if it really offers benefits in a race should I get a puncture, the yellow logos should help, but I suspect the main benefit is satisfying the aesthetes and bike build blazer wearing pedants.

Logos and valves lined up: A bike build high score combo
Pleasingly they come with Reynolds RAP scheme (Rider Assurance Program), which means I can bash through my favourite trails with carefree abandon and without any worries.

Rather than inflict any more of my handy snaps on you, here are the official stats and photos from the Reynolds site:

Rim Depth:28mm
Spoke Patterns:2x
Hubs:6 Bolt: Front: 15mm QR / 20mm Thru with included Axle Caps // Rear: 135mm 10mm / 142mm 12mm
Front Spokes:DT Revolution
Rear Spokes:DT Revolution
Brake Pads:Disc Brakes

Front Wheel
Rear Wheel


  1. I look forward to the custom dynamo hubbed front wheel!

  2. Looking at buying a set of these myself... cant wait to read your review. I heard these Reynolds wheels are boom proof.

    1. Had them a little while and I'm really impressed, the stiff rims seem to really hold a line well on rocky & twisty stuff. Not sure I can discern "instant acceleration" as the wheels they replaced were pretty light weight and laced up nice and tight, plus tyre & rear shock pressure probably make more of a difference to that feeling! But rear hub pick up is pleasing. It's the cornering and handling on technical stuff that I'm both pleased with and surprised just how much of a difference they wheels make. Well, that's my first impression anyway.