Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Misty March Morning

Where did the Downs go?!
On some mornings getting up early to ride before work every day is a chore, not very often though and certainly not today. 

I was treated to one of the best misty mornings in the dips I'd ever seen, rolling from perfect sun filled blue skis to dense moisture filled air that left my kit wet and gave visibility of only a few metres every time I rolled into and out of any significant dip along the Downs ridge. Simply stunning, even if I did get more than a little damp and chilly in the thick of the mist! I was too busy having a nice time to take too many shots, but I did manage to grab a couple to look back on to remind myself just how spectacular the effect was.
What an amazing sight as a reward for getting up and out on the bike early. It was a bit cold in the bottom of that though!
It was a fantastic morning, but riding the last couple of miles at the bottom of that 
saw me get quite cold & wet by the time I got to work, brrrr!

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  1. I hear you on the getting up to do something active before work, but what amazing scenery to be welcomed with! awesome pics!!