Friday, 9 March 2012

2012 Race Equipment - USE

Wide, flat bars; perfect for riding 29ers very fast
The final pieces of 2012 are falling into place with just a few weeks before the 2012 UK 24hr Championships, my first big event of the year. 

The latest box to arrive was an exciting one (for me) as it was from USE and contained handlebars, stems & posts for both my Highball and my Tallboy. For 2012 I would be going very much "on trend" and using the new USE wide, flat Atom bar and to try it out to see whether this is the Emperor's new clothes or something good, I have decided to start the year with the bars at their full 710mm. Also in the box were USE stems and their excellent SUMO carbon seatpost. I must confess that, after my first ride, I'm pretty pleased with how the finished bikes have turned out.

Thanks guys!

The 710mm wide Atom flat bar is the star of the show....
...and is held in place by the lightweight & reliable matching USE stem
And this is how it all looks assembled, complete with Exposure Lights clamp
This is how it looks too. Wide aren't they?!
Sumo Carbon seatpost to shave a few grams and keep my bottom off the ground safely
I'm super happy it even colour coordinates with my favourite saddle :-)
After one ride, to my great surprise, I've decided to keep those bars at their full 710mm width. I'll see how I get on in narrow singletrack but for mow I love how they feel. Why did no-one make this product sooner!

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