Saturday, 24 March 2012

Reynolds Wheels - Welcome Aboard

Shiny new Reynolds 29er Wheels
I am absolutely thrilled to announce that, for 2012, I will be supported by Reynolds, well established makers of super fast, stiff carbon wheels. I'll be riding their new 29er XC carbon disc wheelset throughout the year. 

The wheels have just arrived and came supplied with a full array of adaptors for front and rear hub standards, as well as some snazzy looking quick release skewers for "normal" frames & forks. Even betrer than this, they have a tubeless style rim form and in the same bag was a roll of tubeless rim tape and two, extra long (for the deep rims) tubeless valves. Top marks for attention to detail. Thank you Reynolds :-)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Winter Reminded Me: It's Not Spring Yet

A bit nasty out
Down South, in sunny Brighton, you could have been forgiven for believing Spring had come early for the last week or so, last weekend there was a definite feeling of "spring is in the air", with bright blue skies and an abundance of shorts and a dearth of jackets out on the trails. That is, until today. With just a few days of winter remaining, the season reared its head and reminded me that it was definitely not spring yet.

It was a great day to be out. I had the trails all to myself and the thick mist made for a very peaceful, isolated feeling; much needed after a hectic week. Still, there's only so much fun to be had riding 100km through muddy trails in the wind and rain. Scrub that, who am I kidding, I had a great day! In fact I've pencilled in the same tomorrow, but heading out in another direction.
Fantastic swoopy trails dropping through the trees, extra exciting when covered in a layer of greasy mud
and with every corner or drop scattered with wet roots. It's not all SDW around here!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Prototype Switchable Dynamo Hub From Shutter Precision

A shiny new hub turned up this week, a prototype, 32H, disc, dynamo hub from the guys at Shutter Precision. This is no ordinary hub, it's a switchable dynamo. The hub has a large flange on the connector side that clutches the dynamo in or out. When disengaged, the hub acts just like a normal hub, only providing any resistance when the clutch is re-engaged. The hub is based on the 7 Series range PD-7 model, but has been sent to me with a special, not yet available, 32H drilling so I can use my preferred rims, rather than the currently available 36H version. Aren't I a lucky boy? :-)
Prototype SP PD-7 switchable dynamo hub, with clutching dynamo mechanism. Nice tyre name too! ;-)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Misty March Morning

Where did the Downs go?!
On some mornings getting up early to ride before work every day is a chore, not very often though and certainly not today. 

I was treated to one of the best misty mornings in the dips I'd ever seen, rolling from perfect sun filled blue skis to dense moisture filled air that left my kit wet and gave visibility of only a few metres every time I rolled into and out of any significant dip along the Downs ridge. Simply stunning, even if I did get more than a little damp and chilly in the thick of the mist! I was too busy having a nice time to take too many shots, but I did manage to grab a couple to look back on to remind myself just how spectacular the effect was.
What an amazing sight as a reward for getting up and out on the bike early. It was a bit cold in the bottom of that though!
It was a fantastic morning, but riding the last couple of miles at the bottom of that 
saw me get quite cold & wet by the time I got to work, brrrr!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spring Is In The Air

Smiles & sunshine all
round, all day
What a fabulous day! I had originally planned a bit of a shakedown ride for my new USE finishing kit and then a late morning trip on the North Downs (a rare excursion for me), but with a positively balmy weather forecast I rolled both of these together and rode up to the Peaslake in the heart of the North Downs Surrey Hills, where I was to meet my riding buddies for the day (I was joined on the North Downs by Stilettos on Wheels organiser, Irene Lachner & SITS winner "Competitive Grace") and jump in the car on the way back. It was such a lovely day I poo-pooed that idea and rode back home again. 90miles done, 7:30 ride time, 6500calories burned (although I did my very best to replace them at lunch!). Smiles all round :-)

Here are a few moments from the day I managed capture for posterity:

Friday, 9 March 2012

2012 Race Equipment - USE

Wide, flat bars; perfect for riding 29ers very fast
The final pieces of 2012 are falling into place with just a few weeks before the 2012 UK 24hr Championships, my first big event of the year. 

The latest box to arrive was an exciting one (for me) as it was from USE and contained handlebars, stems & posts for both my Highball and my Tallboy. For 2012 I would be going very much "on trend" and using the new USE wide, flat Atom bar and to try it out to see whether this is the Emperor's new clothes or something good, I have decided to start the year with the bars at their full 710mm. Also in the box were USE stems and their excellent SUMO carbon seatpost. I must confess that, after my first ride, I'm pretty pleased with how the finished bikes have turned out.

Thanks guys!

Monday, 5 March 2012

2012 Race Equipment - Juice Lubes

It never rains, it pours: More new goodies to keep me going for the fast approaching 2012 summer endurance race season. This time from the "aren't they everywhere?" (and for good reason) guys at Juice Lubes who will keep all my moving bits both clean and moving this year, including bearings, forks, brakes, drivetrain and my legs!
A full house of Juice Lubes goodies to got my bike sparkling clean and then keep
 it going smoothly no matter what I, or the British summertime weather, throw at it

Friday, 2 March 2012

Juice Lubes - Welcome Aboard

I'm delighted to announce that, for 2012, I will be supported by Juice Lubes, who will keep me and my bike clean, shiny and lubricated, in all the important areas and just about everywhere else that moves.

Juice Lubes cover every liquid, paste, cleaner, spray or grease that a rider or his bike could wish for, so you'll see an even brighter & oranger General Lee trundling around an endurance race course near you throughout the summer of 2012.