Thursday, 23 February 2012

U.S.E. - Welcome Aboard

I'm delighted to announce that, for the 2012 season, I will be supported by USE (Ultimate Sports Engineering) who will be providing me with their lightweight and race proven handlebars, seatposts and stems to finish my race bikes in style

I'm delighted about this new partnership as, not only are they the sister company to Exposure Lights, who have supported me throughout my riding career, but they are a local company to me and I have had opportunity to observe the effort, enthusiasm and heartache that goes into each product by the team to ensure that only the products they are happy with finally make it out the door.


  1. You're a lucky guy Rob!! USE kit is excellent stuff I really like their Alien seatposts. You'll also be lucky enough to get your hands on the new light and extra wide flat bars!


    1. Cheers :-) Those extra wide flat bars were possibly the thing I am looking forward too most.

      Two years ago I resorted to a flipped stem and a riser bar to get the bar width I wanted and the bar height I wanted! That bar will solve this, and be lighter and stronger (and, most importantly, look better!) too.

    2. I've had to use Salsa Pro Moto carbon bars as they were the only flat bar around 26 inch mark at the time and allowed me to use bar ends. I'd still like some thing a bit wider though so I look forward to their release.

    3. Just done my first ride on the new, wide, flat atom bar. Left it uncut at 710mm. I'm sold: There's one going on the Highball and another on the Tallboy right now! :-)