Saturday, 4 February 2012

RWD Brake Pads - Welcome Aboard

I am delighted to announce that, for the 2012 season, I will be supported by RWD (Race Winning Designs) brake pads. Although a new name in the world of cycling, these guys have been making brake pads for over 30 years right here in Swaledale in the UK. Given the choice of a bike component brand selling brake pads or a brake pad specialist selling mountain bike products, I know which I'd rather choose...

First up, there's still a good amount of long, muddy, winter miles to be done before the start of the endurance season, so I'll be putting them through the grinder straight away, the timing couldn't be better, thanks RWD!

The pads are available in both sintered and organic, and there is a useful amount of information on the site to guide the user to the correct compound, which is very helpful. For 2012, I'll be using the sintered material on my bikes, for which they say:
There's also a handy comparison of the organic & sintered material performance characteristics (click to make it big):

To top it all off, they offer what looks like an extremely comprehensive range of pads shapes, not just the most common two or three, so some of my older bikes that I have kept hold of over the years may well be getting brake pad upgrades too :-)


  1. Might have to try some, seem to be wearing through many pads! new frame hopefully soon, i need to source some parts, 44mm head tubes and EBB shells, i don't like to make life to easy =/

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