Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kask Helmets - Welcome Aboard

Kask's New Mojito helmet

I'm delighted to announce that for 2012 I will be supported by Kask Helmets. These are the guys that have neen supporting and working with Team Sky, to whom they have supplied their excellent Vertigo helmet. There's rumoured to be something new and improved in the pipeline for 2012 that has come out of this partnership, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

The new Kask Mojito was shown at The Bike Place show this week. Fingers crossed it's available soon. If it's even better than the Vertigo, then it'll be a must have for me. It was first spotted being used by Team SKY in their winter training during their 2012 prepartions, so it's got a pretty good seal of approval already!
Kask's New Mojito Helmet
Team SKY spy shot, training with their new 2012 helmets
The successful relationship between Team SKY and Kask is well documented, and their the team edition Vertigo helmet is a familiar sigh in the Pro Tour peloton:
The Team SKY edition Vertigo helmet


  1. Kask certainly have some very smart helmet designs...Great news that they are going to support you during 2012...


    1. Cheers Trevor - I couldn't agree more (unless it also involves cake)

  2. Nice lids them. All the cool kids will be wearing them in 2012!