Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Devil's Dyke Winter Wonderland

Looking down the Devil's Dyke sledge tracks
and wondering just how icy it will be
Pic: Rory Hitchens
For those of you who haven't looked out of the window; it's been snowing lately. A lot. This doesn't mean a halt to the serious business of winter miles, but it does mean a lot less seriousness, a few fewer miles but no reduction in the length of times rides take and, like last night showed, an increase in the underestimation of how long it can take to get places!

Last night's ride was no exception. Even after three days of struggle, it was a whole lot of fun.

Weekend winter biking: Proof I was there in the snow
It's a lot deeper than this now!

Five very tired riders eventually made it home an hour or so later than normal, but on a night like we'd just had and despite a few frost fingers and toes, everyone was hoping the snow would stay for just a few more days.

The not so dark side of the moon - A beautiful nigh sky
Moonlight goes a long way on snow covered terrain
Pic: Rory Hitchens


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - I really enjoyed the snow, but not so much the standing around in sub-zero temps while everyone took pics!

  2. +1 for the photo's that last one is great...

    1. Thanks guys :-) The two night pics were taken by Rory Hitchens of Upgrade bikes, but that's my exposure redeye micro helmet rear light you can see shots, I'm pretty pleased how bright it is plugged into the back of my Joystick.

      Two weeks on now and all the snow's gone, but the ground is still frozen so summer speed rides in full winter clothes are the order of the day!