Sunday, 22 January 2012

Something A Bit Different - Mach 'n Back BikePacking Event

Bear Bone BikePacking
Organisers of the Mach'n Back
I'm always looking for new challenges and this winter BikePacking has caught my imagination. I've always had half an eye on this side of multi-day challenges, so when I decided to have a go recently break I headed straight for Bear Bones BikePacking's website, the organisers of the best challenges in the UK. I was delighted to find that their Mach 'n Back event would be held in mid-Wales in early January. A time and location each of which would have presented a good challenge, but together would promise a proper test of both rider & kit outside of just pedalling.

It was an extremely cold, but bright and sunny weekend. I had a fantastic, but undoubtedly hard, time and enjoyed every second. I'll be sure to be back for more! Here's a quick round up of my weekend:

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Deanamo Makes!

It started as a solution to riding every day, wanting to avoid charging batteries all the time and to allow me to ride further, or for longer and with more light without worrying about battery burn times. After looking at what was available and concluding it was well short of what I wanted from a dynamo, I sat down at my work bench with a soldering iron. It took up too much of my time and now, after many iterations, the deanamo, my own development of a truly off-road capable mountain bike dynamo light, is on's "Fresh Goods Friday"!


You can see the full article below: