Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Intelligent Designs Cycles - Welcome Aboard

I'm delighted to announce that I will now be supported by Intelligent Design Cycles. They will be helping to power me through every one of my winter miles by supplying the world leading Shutter Precision's new range of super lightweight, high efficiency, SP dynamo hubs.

I will be using the PD-8 disc dynamo hub, with IS 6 bolt flange, on my mountain bike and the PV-8 rim brake version on my road bike to power my LED dynamo light and also to charge my phone & GPS at times.

Not only are they small and light, but they come in a range of pretty colours too!
The tiny SP PV-8 disc dynamo in-situ

I've been riding with the PD-8 on my mountain bike for a couple of moths now (and for >1000miles) without so much as a murmur of a hiccup and am delighted that the bearings are holding up well, the hub has done daily commuting, more than an annoying amount of rain, sloppy mud and deep puddles and the electrics seem pretty bombproof. More than can be said of the rider at times!

The SP (Shutter Precision, if you wondered) PD-8 6-bolt Disc Dynamo Hub it all its shiny glory
I've been delighted with it and it's performance and weight compare favorably with the best out there, with a lower weight than the benchmark SON Delux hub, which has set the standard for a long time coupled with a power output to rival the mighty Shimano dynamos and an efficiency to make them both shudder. As a consequence, I'm now waiting as patiently as I can for a new PV-8 hub, the non-disc version, for my road bike. For the touring bike I've wired it up to both power the light at night as well as charging my GPS and mobile phone in the day and, well, anything that charges through a USB plug too :-).
The SP PV-8 dynamo hub, soon to be seen on a road bike near you (specially if you live near Brighton)

For those of you that worry, or are curious, about these things; I'll finish with the spec tables so you can have a peek for yourselves at the weights and performance figures:


  1. Hi Rob,

    Love to know more about your set up with the dynamo esp. the ability to charge USB devices.

    My husband has a disc brake Ti road/touring/freaky bike with carbon forks and is looking to get a lightweight dynamo hub set up to charge a garmin 800 and iPhone etc while we are touring. He's got super light touring set up using Revelate designs kit like yours.

  2. Sounds like a great tool for the job. There are two things your husband will need:

    1) A light & efficient (and pretty!) hub dynamo. For this I recommend the SP product. This is available from Intelligent Design Cycle ebay store here: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Intelligent-Design-Cycles

    2) A device to turn the dynamo output into a controlled USB DC power source. My solution is "a bit" home made. I'd recommend a tout terrain The Plug (http://www.sjscycles.co.uk/tout-terrain-the-plug-ii-hub-dynamo-powered-charging-device-prod26498/), a Bucsh & Muller "E-Werk" (http://www.sjscycles.co.uk/busch-and-muller-e-werk-prod21393/) or similar.

  3. It's been a couple months since this post. Any updates on this hub? I'm thinking of trying one on my commuter but info is very sparse online. How has the durability been? Thanks!

    1. Hey Sean, no updates as the hub is still spinning strong and looking pretty. It's had a tough time getting me to work and back off road and regular training rides and night rides with my mates in that time. The bearings seem to be running smooth still and are free of any play.

      Oh, and it still looks tiny and pretty on the bike too ;-) I now have three of their hubs on various bikes as I've been so happy with them. The Shimano ones just seem so heavy now! ;-)

      A couple of friends now have one too, having seen mine, and are just as happy.

      IDC are a great place to buy from too (see the link at the top of the post), low prices and fantastic service. Hope you enjoy your hub :-)

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