Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Intelligent Designs Cycles - Welcome Aboard

I'm delighted to announce that I will now be supported by Intelligent Design Cycles. They will be helping to power me through every one of my winter miles by supplying the world leading Shutter Precision's new range of super lightweight, high efficiency, SP dynamo hubs.

I will be using the PD-8 disc dynamo hub, with IS 6 bolt flange, on my mountain bike and the PV-8 rim brake version on my road bike to power my LED dynamo light and also to charge my phone & GPS at times.

Not only are they small and light, but they come in a range of pretty colours too!

Monday, 19 December 2011

The Santa Cruz Christmas Santa Cruise

Sunday was a grand day out, organised by the endlessly and contagiously enthusiastic Joe Whitaker. An end-of-the-year, pre-Christmas Santa Cruz riders get together: The Santa Cruise (see what he did there?). So at 8am a huge collection of both Santa Cruz riders and Santa Cruz bikes slowly formed on a frosty morning at Cannock Chase.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dynamo A Go-Go

Once an engineer, always an engineer. Not long after I decided to start pushing my self to ride longer, I hit upon the problem of lights & winter. Specifically losing track of battery charge through daily usage as well as getting bored of constantly charging batteries and having stuff charging up on every available surface. Fast forward a couple of years, lots of research (aka reading internet forums), desparately recollecting the electronics of my engineering degree, the purchase of a couple of text books and several prototypes later and I have spent the last 18months riding, off the race course, illuminated by a hub dynamo powered light: the deanamo.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Winter Bike

It's that time of year when part of every mountain bike ride involves keeping yourself warm and dry, your tyres pointing in the direction you intended on travelling and your gears free of at least some of the mud and clag on the trail all around you. Most rides at this time of year I simply reach for the rigid singlespeed, more out of maintaince avoidance than any evangelical singlespeed nonsense. 

However, some days I must confess; it just seems like hard work. On these (hopefully rare) days, normally at 6:30am before riding over the Downs to work with my lunch and a laptop on my back, to give myself a fighting chance of not spending more time maintaining my bike than riding it and to keep the smile on my face, I have, this year, built myself a winter bike. Yes, it's not a Santa Cruz, but I did win it riding one, so I think I'm entitled to ride it a bit.