Friday, 12 August 2011

Squirt Lube - Welcome Aboard

I am delighted to announce that, from today, I will be supported by Squirt Lube, makers of the great dry lube that can be used in wet and dry conditions, meaning no more horrible wet lube chain gunk for me!

Everyone loves getting
parcels in the post
Squirt also make bike cleaner and chain cleaner. Not that I'll be using too much chain cleaner fro now on hopefully and, with winter fast approaching and rain a constant thought in the back of all of our minds already at this time of year, I'll certainly get to out their products through their paces. Fingers crossed for more life out of may chains, changing my lube & cleaners is certainly cheaper and easier than changing a chain!

The full range of squirt products is available from the lovely people at the shop

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