Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Toy - Flyweight Highball Singlespeed

17.9lbs of fun
I got back from a big old ride in the Peak District on Monday afternoon to find a big box that felt empty sitting in the dining room. Opening it I was pretty excited to find a new Santa Cruz Highball frame and a full set of Syncros finishing kit, including an FL 29er rigid fork, to build myself a new singlespeed to replace my venerable, but robustly built, and almost 10 year old steel mile muncher. This was going to be something a whole lot more whippety. I had a pretty big grin as I unwrapped everything and prepared to get spannering. The part I was most excited about was the new, all carbon, Syncros Fl 29er fork, and when I picked it up I wasn't disappointed, it's light and the bottom of the crown is solid, leaving no hole to bung up with mud, a nice touch.

Once it was all together I almost fell over when I weighed it: 17.85lbs. Blimey! This thing is going to fly. A long commute to and from work today confirmed it is just glorious. Having forgotten to grab some pics before I reached the end of the trails in the morning, as I was having so much fun, I remembered to stop on my way home and grab a few quick pics while it's still shiney-new and before I get it too muddy.

At rest at the top of a couple of miles of almost constant cimbing, and the bike loved it!
I love the clean look of a rigid singlespeed
Yes, the brake hoses need trimming, I know!
The component that dominates how the bike rides,
the super light, all carbon, Syncros FL 29er CarbonFork
Essential Syncros FL saddle to ensure smiles with my miles
Gratuitous top tube shot
Boring "from the other side" shot
Last shot, with tomorrow morning's commute (and climbs 2, 3 & 4) stretching out behind me
I can't wait!
For those who may be interested, the full spec is as follows:

Frame: XXL Santa Cruz Highball
Handlebar: Syncros FL Carbon
Stem: Syncros FL Stem 110mm
Seatpost: Syncros AM 1-bolt Seatpost 400mm
Saddle: Syncros FL Saddle
Grips: Syncros Deep Relief Locking Grip
Headset: Hope
Wheels: Notubes ZTR hubs on Crest 32H rims, black DT Revolution spokes, brass nipples
Tyres: Kenda Small Block 8 29er 2.1" run tubeless
Chainset: Shimano XTR M970 180mm
Brakes: Shimano XTR M970 Discs with Ashima 160mm rotors & ti rotor bolts
Pedals: Shimano XTR PD-M970 SPD
Singlepeed: 32:18 ratio + Surly Singleator


  1. Mad weight! Love the finish on that paint work!

  2. That is very nice indeed. Probably lighter than my carbon fibre racing bike!

    How far is your commute & where do you go over the Downs? I'm can't imagine going up Streat Bostal on my single speed from Haywards Heath!

  3. My commute varies most mornings depending on my mood, the wind and how early I managed to leave the house, but it's mostly between Devil's Dyke and the River Adur on the Downs somewhere, involving most of the tracks around the South Downs Way to avoid the monotony of ploughing along the same bit of the SDW every morning.... It's ends up about 300m-400m of climbing and is into a direct headwind most days!

  4. Weighs less than my road bike with clinchers.

    1. Glad you approve ;-)

      I really am a very lucky boy to have to have the Santa Cruz bikes that I do

  5. You mentioned on mtbr that you were waiting on your Exzentriker... how did that work out for you? Seems like a solid product.

    1. Hi, The Exzentricker has been on a long time now, long enough for several tension adjustments and even a new chain. It's been rock solid, creak free and remains easy to adjust, I've even adjusted the tension on the trail with a mini tool. Best of all, it's red and colour matches with the graphics on the bike! Cheers, Rob