Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Just what is it that you want to do? VIDEO

A great "this is why" day out in the sun on the South Downs with Josh Ibbett, Dave Arthur of BikeMagic and Juan Christen of Magicalia

Josh made us an excellent video that captures the day (and Juans two rather painful crashes) perfectly, no further explanation required. Enjoy...... we did, and that's even before we'd finished with fish & chips on the beach in the evening sun :-)

Get well soon Juan x


  1. Great video! Looks like such a nice ride and day! Makes me wanna get out on my mtb and explore...

  2. Cheers Groover, too kind! I always feel really lucky with the trails I have in my own back yard. I think Jo Burt (who lives locally) sums it up nicely in the Mint Sauce picture above