Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Na Na Naa-Naa Na Na, I've Got The Power - Brought To You By SNAP!

Pedal + the end of my crank were left
lying in the middle of the road

SNAP! Quite an alarming start to the day, but maybe all the turbo sessions with the shoulder injury did pay off in the end. I pulled out the end of the road and promptly fell off in the middle of a flat, straight road, right in front of an oncoming car, which was very confusing until I found my pedal and end of my crank at the end of the road, where I'd started!

If you look, you'll notice the end of my crank arm still attached to the pedal (modelled by the pavement, next to where it escaped), and below you'll see the razor sharp piece of crank arm that, very luckily for me, only gently scraped my knee on its way down to an impromptu meeting with the road, that could have bee oh so much worse in a leg gouging kind of a way.
Crank arm remains that very nearly became a leg slicing device
a narrow escape - I don't dare think about it what could have been
Looks like a few hours on the turbo with my injured shoulder has increased my leg power by more than I'd bargained for.

An annoying incident, but mostly a very luck escape. Now, 1-2-3 after me: "na na naa-naa na na - I've got the power!"

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