Saturday, 2 July 2011

Back In The Saddle

A wonderful way to spend an evening after watching a tour stage
After far too long, I'm finally back on the bike properly and able to ride almost entirely unhindered by my shoulder. Boy does it feel good to be back on the bike and riding without discomfort or worry of knocking it; being able to let my mind wander and my legs just sit beneath me and spin away. 

Back home from a ride of wonderful woodland and infrequently ridden trails, plus a bit I'd completely forgotten about. Legs gently fizzing. Bliss.

Where I came from (right), where I'm going (left) and why I stopped (centre)
I had a fantastic late afternoon/evening ride today, taking in woodland, singletrack and beautiful open, rolling, sun-drenched downland; avoiding the busy SDW, as a prequel to tomorrow morning's Eastbourne assault and what I hope will become a lot more long summer days in the saddle rolling around the South Downs. Mayhem is a distant memory. I am a very happy guy right now!
You never get very high, but when you start at sea
level it still adds up to almost 2000m of climbing

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