Sunday, 3 July 2011

Back In The Saddle (some more)

Wonderful Brighton singletrack winding through
the trees & there's miles of it :-)
After having such a good day out yesterday, I had no option but to get up eaerly to repeat the feat before heading off to a BBQ on Sunday afternoon, so it was full of optimism and anticipation that I swung my leg over my bike and headed out, in the opposite direction from home, with plans of doing the classic "Eastbourne and back" along the SDW, stock training route. It didn't take long in the sunshine for my plans to change, and for the better.

As soon as I got to the first junction, and before I'd even got to the top of the Downs ridge and the SDW, I turned off into the singltrack without even hesitating and ended up stringing together a second 50mile ride in two days; joining together some favorite sections of singletrack with a few open sections of Downland, as the weather was just fantastic and it seemed rude not to get out into the open, marvel at the views and soak up some sunshine away from the trees.
Not quite the planned out-and-back, but the correct decision

I like riding bikes! :-)

Even a puncture that was a ripped tyre couldn't stop me smiling; throw in a
tubeless tyre plug and the wheel didn;t even come off the bike, just a
quick top up with a mini pump and I was ready to roll again
Definitely found some hills today, as my legs are now reminding me!
Where I came from (not a bad place to puncture)

The way home - more sun drenched miles with singltrack waiting for me on the way

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