Friday, 24 June 2011

2011 Race Equipment - Lezyne

A mystery box was just delivered by Rory Hitchens of Upgrade Bikes & Lezyne, and when I opened it up I was pretty excited to see a host of Lezyne shiny goodness for my race bikes :-)
Here's a a bit more detail of what race kit I chose from their staggering range and why (along with some pretty pictures of their elegant kit).

Tool: Lezyne SV10 - This tool has everything I need, including a chain tool and torx head, is small, light plus the unique forged tool bits mean a much stiffer tool that's genuinely useful to use. It's indestructible and fits neatly into the caddy tool pouch too!
Luggage: Lezyne Caddy Medium - Plenty of room for everything I need for 24solo racing or a long day out. Has the great little touch of a separate tool pouch underneath so I can get the SV10 out without undoing the zip and rummaging through my carefully packed pack.
Pump: Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH - A great and nice looking little alloy pump with a neat frame bracket, but this has the unique feature that the hose (vital for protecting the valve during inflation) doubles as the CO2 adaptor; super neat! The frame mount has a clip for two CO2 cartridges on the other side. A very well thought out collection of parts that make this package unbeatable. Essential for saving seconds in a race and a convenient way of carrying tools and spares to boot.
In The Pits - Lezyne Classic Dirt Floor Drive - Lezyne's track pumps are already iconic pieces of design, so I was delighted to find one in my box of bits. The wooden handle, large volume barrel and large cast base should keep me going for years, I'm also finally no longer dreading pumping up and seating tubeless tyres!

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