Friday, 6 May 2011

2011 Race Equipment - Exposure Lights

Custom logos courtesy of the great team At Exposure Lights
As soon I arrived at Newcastleton for the 24hrs of Exposure, I caught sight of the great guys from Exposure Lights. They wandered over to say "hi" and brought with them one of the most important pieces of equipment in an endurance racer's arsenal - lights. These were not just any lights but their new Six Pack and the latest Diablo Mk.2, custom laser etched with my two title sponsors logs: Factory!

For 24hr solo I'll be using the Exposure Six Pack on my bars, on the mid-power (10hr burn time) setting, which wil last me the whole night without having to stop to change or, more importantly, without having to do burn time maths and work out when I might need a new light on the bars; I've got this wrong before and it wasn't much fun!
Official Logos on the other side
The Diablo Mk. 2 will be my helmet light, not only is the brightness an improvement on everything else out there, particularly at the light weight of this light, but the beam pattern is a great compliment to the Six Pack and the slightly wider beam makes tight switchbacks and twisty singletrack that much easier for the tired racer who is struggling to concentrate. I'll be switching the light to 10hr mode, as per the bar light to get a full night's racing out of one light, or coupling the light up to a triple-cell piggyback battery pack on twistier, more technical courses, to get maximum heat light brightness and a 12hr burn time from the mid-setting which normally lasts for 3hrs (ideal for mid-week blasts after work).
Exposure Piggyback Triple Cell Battery
So a huge thank you to the Exposure Lights team, particularly the tireless and ever supportive John and James, who went on to both ride in the event that they'd already expended a huge amount of effort supporting before hand, a couple of the many heroes of the weekend.

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