Friday, 22 April 2011

Ice Creams & Riding Home Into Sunset

Today I had my best day out on the bike yet this year:

I didn't go particularly fast. I didn't go particularly far. I didn't do anything particularly "rad". The trails weren't particularly "sweet". Everything was just nice; my legs felt good, I didn't really notice them and they just kept spinning, it was a glorious sunny day and I got home just nicely tired having finished into a brilliant sunset orange sky. I wish all days could be like this.

The way out: 43miles of bliss
I set off without a plan and ended up dropping down into Eastbourne before I knew it having rolled along the ridge of the South Downs Way. I half thought about turning back and heading for home, having had a quick look at the watch, but I had my lights with me so, what the heck, it was such a nice day I headed into town, straight through it and to the beach for lunch and, more importantly, ice cream!

Proof I got all the way to the seaside

Climbing back onto Kingston Ridge: Kisses in the sky... aaahhhhh....

Ice cream scoffed, and sun absorbed, I set off home very happy with my day's work already. As I rolled home the sun started to set and I was treated to a glorious view as I climbed back up, away from Lewes and onto Kingston Ridge. The day couldn't really get any better and I turned off the far edge of the ridge as the sun finally set over the horizon and as town and the sea came into view.

If only all days could be like this one.

Going...  going.....
The ride finished with a couple of miles along the sea front and the esplanade, stopping to watch the odd bit of live music and street performance and to reward myself with a bag of freshly made doughnuts, poured and fried in front of my very eyes on one of the mesmerising machines on the end of the pier. I am lucky to live somewhere fantastic with very accessible "outdoors". When I finally got home I flopped onto the sofa, some 80miles to the good, a very happy boy.

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