Tuesday, 26 April 2011

24hr Race Tips

Originally published on BikeMagic, I wrote a few words for editor, Dave Arthur, in the lead up to the UK24hr solo championships.

Read the original here, or click "READ MORE" to read it all for yourself here.

I hope the tips are useful, but not so useful you beat me with them out on the course ;-)

Friday, 22 April 2011

Ice Creams & Riding Home Into Sunset

Today I had my best day out on the bike yet this year:

I didn't go particularly fast. I didn't go particularly far. I didn't do anything particularly "rad". The trails weren't particularly "sweet". Everything was just nice; my legs felt good, I didn't really notice them and they just kept spinning, it was a glorious sunny day and I got home just nicely tired having finished into a brilliant sunset orange sky. I wish all days could be like this.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

2011 Race Equipment - The North Face

The North Face kit, resplendent with Santa Cruz logos - pretty colours :-)
The first package arrived from my new title sponsor, The North Face today, and there was two of them! Some lovely looking race kit from the new mountain bike kit range, nicely monikered with The North Face and Santa Cruz Bikes logos. Rest assured this kit will be put properly to the test with my non-stop; race, commute, train, shop, mid-week night time thrash with mates and just plain old having fun schedule of cycling!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Builth Wells - A Double Marathon Welsh Weekend

It had been a tough winter on the bike, and illness, work travel  and work in general, and it had me behind where I wanted to be by March. No excuse though, I knew what I had to do and where I wanted to be, so with a few solid, good quality weeks under my belt and building nicely for the Uk24hr solo champs in a month’s time, I decided it was time to go racing. I headed to Builth Wells to race the short and sharp (and, importantly, very enjoyable) Exposure Lights Big Night Out. An event well outside my comfort zone of longer races and then, the next morning would ride with Grace around her first competitive mountain bike event, the Builth Wells 1000km Mountain Marathon. What a great weekend it turned out to be, perfect weather, some great countryside & big outdoors-ness and lots of familiar faces from around the UK that I’d not seen over the winter. The bottom line: It just felt good to be racing again after to long.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Psssshhhhh! SIS 1-0 SDW

Energy gels - keeping rider AND bike going in 2011!
Pssshhhhh.... that awful sound when you hear all the air suddenly exit your back tyre in a single revolution. All too familiar to regular riders of the flinty hills that make up a good chunk of the South Downs Way.

Today, however, even a large slit in the sidewall of my tyre would not foil my ride plans. Throw two SIS GO Gel wrappers into the mix, pop an innertube in and the bike was as good as new. 

Ride finished, no drama, plenty of sunshine and I felt very pleased with my handywork :-)