Saturday, 26 March 2011

2011 Race Equipment - Syncros

 Syncros FL Saddle &
Syncros FL Micro-Adjust Seatpost

A big parcel just turned up from Syncros, courtesy of the lovely people at Jungle Products, and suddenly a slightly tired looking race bike is looking like new and, importantly, all my contact points are looking very comfy again with saddle, seatpost, stem and bars being provided from Syncros' FL range of components.

For seating, I've opted for the FL saddle and the FL micro-adjust 7075 seatpost, the elegantly forged clamp head offering just that little bit more robustness than a bonded carbon post with little weight penalty and this is a bike that will be working very hard this year! I've only heard good things about the saddle, it looks a bit like a wide-nosed flight, updated with a central relief groove, both of which are very good things! I spent a long time choosing my saddle in recent years and have god very fussy about seating perches, happily, so far so good; I did my first hot weather 100mile MTB ride of the year the other week and was still smiling without a hint of a grimace when I got home so I have high hopes for bottom comfort in 2011 ;-)

Syncos cockpit keeping everything pointing securely in the right direction
Up front, for steering I've chosen the FL stem, with nice stiff oversized clamp area. I'm particularly happy to spec this as I grew up lusting after a Syncros stem! This is coupled with the FL Carbon bar; low rise for a racey position and sensible not-too-wide, not-too-narrow width. They steer, they're stiff, 'nuff said!

Cheers Syncros & Jungle - You've got one happy rider :-)

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