Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ooh, Shiny!

Colour matched white components include skewers, hoses,
lock-out cable, pedals, rims, brake levers + calipers, saddle
grips, forks, headset, spacers and even the seat clamp!
It's a few months since I won a beautiful Charge Duster frame for my Set2Rise 12hr solo victory, but it's finally built up. I hope you agree with me in the (many!) photos below that it was worth the wait.

The fantastic prize pot included, amongst other things, a white Charge spoon saddle, therefore I had no option but to build the bike up with as much matching white componentry as possible!

Pilot's eye view

The saddle that resulted in the whiteness, all arty like

Looking purposeful

Elegant and unique Charge graphics
EBB to allow for simple and reliable singlespeeding

Yes, that is even a white powdercoated chain!
Much time put into XTR crank "Jones" SS conversion

Retro cockpit for weaving through the trees

Lovely welds and a colour matched seatclamp

Pick a colour......

......any colour

Couldn't have put it better myself

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