Thursday, 9 September 2010

MBUK Baby!

A piece on endurance rising and my build up to the Pennine Bridleway Double challenge, stemming from a conversation with Guy Kesteven, as he was pitting for my friend Mike Hall at the 24hrs of Exposure, when we debated whether this was a fun sport or tedious nonsense, and Guy deciding to come out with me and see what it was all about after I tried to communicate the beauty of the endurance ride to him in my engineer's english. This ended up as a feature in MBUK, which I am. obviously, overjoyed about - cheers Guy!

Magazine Front Cover - "Be A Biking Tough Guy" that's me!

Magazine Index page - It's the main feature article!

Article Page 1 & 2

Article Page 3 & 4

Article Page 5 (+ ad)

Article Page 6 (+ ad)

Article Page 7 (+ ad)

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