Monday, 5 October 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Ready for both winter and the hills in the background
As a birthday treat and I have rewarded myself with, maybe not the most original brithday present for a cyclist, but one that scratches a few itches that I've been meaning to have a go at for a while. 

Careful use of classified adds and eBay and I have an 8-speed Alfine internal gear hub plugged into a frame with sliding vertical dropouts, including the rear disc mount (in this instance I have managed to get hold of a lovely 20" Voodoo Wanga) and up front I have plugged in the upside down, braceless Maverick SC32 fork. The tyres are set up tubeless. All of this is meant to represent the best in winter/mud bike solutions for a no-hassle, reliable-shifting, mud-clogging-proof wonder machine. to add an extra element of durability I have a Surly stainless steel chainring up front and a steel sprocket on the rear. The single gear cable runs a full length outer, 'natch ;-)

Can't wait to ride the pants off it!

Here are a few pics of the build, fresh out the door and about to be given a thrashing over a long weekend in the Peak District that you can see in the background:
Can't wait to get into the hills
Classy metal headbadge + secret "go faster" Morvélo logo up front
Evil skull cable guide "on topic" out back
Super convenient, problem solving, sliding disc dropout, simple, reliable & elegant
Winter friendly steel chainring from Surly
Alfine 8s shifter (complete with backwards paddles) and lock-on grips for robustness

Pointing towards the hills I'd be enjoying with the Wanga later

The bike proved to be reliable and as mud proof as they come, but I had so much fun out on my ride later that day it seemed criminal to stop for something as mundane and tiresome as taking photos. Happy birthday to me indeed, I hope I'm good enough next year to deserve something as good again!

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