Sunday, 26 July 2009

Morvélo at TwentyFour12 - The Hurt Business!

Big smiles after a great weekend
When the Morvélo team was first spoken about last October, before Morvélo existed and when it was just a team, this was the event Oli and I had in our minds. the aim: To go out and race as hard as we could. No excuses, hold nothing back, no what ifs, just ride as fast as we could to a man and leave knowing we couldn't have tried any faster (once we could walk again!). Fast forward nine months and there we were, the Morvélo team at TwentyFour12, and what a great weekend; a fantastic result, happy podium smiles and all out expectations exceeded.

Friday, 3 July 2009

South Downs Double Attempt #2 - Success!

This article (by me) originally appeared in HERE, but here it is again:
Rob Dean got round in 19hrs 59mins 13sec (pic: Rory Hitchens)