Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lea Quarry XC Race (DNF)

This was my first official outing as a Morvélo rider, although I was doing it in neutral kit. It didn't go to plan. My event of choice was the first Brownbacks Hope XC Series race at Lee Quarry

Cautious of the locals and the steep first climb, I positioned myself near the back of the main bunch at the start, but was soon bored of the careful pace and pushed to take the lead by the top of the first climb. I had Dave Powell and Niall Frost with me at the summit and I was soon following their wheels as a few of us broke free of the pack. Then, before the end of the first lap my chain snapped and I drove my knee into my stem. End of race.

Oh well. Nothing broken. I limped back to the start and cheered myself up with some hearty food and heckling with Jenn Hopkins, who had unfortunately had really a nasty crash on her practice lap and couldn't even make the start. Less than one lap between us, not very impressive.

It was still a good day, smiles all round, Nigel showed Jenn and I how a proper, and very experienced racer, should do it and I even got mentioned in dispatches in the post race report of what promises to be a great race series that will hopefully be around for many years to come.
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And so, on with 2009

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